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AMORVET aims to offer herbal products which combine the best of Indian traditional science and researches with the quality that is now achievable using modern analytical and biological methods. The Herbal Research unit focuses on developing standardized, clinically proven and safe herbal products for therapeutic and supplemental use.

AMORVET has dedicated scientists with expertise in botany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, analytics and pharmacology, as well as consultants having a long association with the herbal industry in terms of pharmacology, pharmacognocy, botany & Zoology. The experience in natural products research and the use of modern analytical instruments and spectroscopic tools will ensure that products are standardized with reference to markers or standard active molecules. Procuring authentic plant material, pharmacological evaluation in laboratory models, formulation development and modern clinical trials is be an integral part of the herbal product development activities.

A team of Scientists, Nutritionists and Experts at our R&D Center review related studies and shortlist suitable ingredients for further research. AMORVET’s phytochemistry team studies the geographical and seasonal variations of the marker profiles of these sourced ingredients. Phytochemical profiling is established from different seasons and geographical locations to ensure batch-to-batch consistency, good quality, and standardization. The quality of product is further maintained either by cultivating ingredients under supervision and by practicing sustainable collection and practices. Ingredients have to further pass through stringent quality checks as per specifications and requirements laid out by our scientists and R&D team.

At AMORVET, our scientists are conducting exciting research in the fields of animal health, metabolic related disorders, immunology and inflammatory conditions, etc. The team has advanced capabilities to discover and develop a wide range of products, following global standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Currently AMORVET has program in the fields of immunomodulation, dermatological disorders (particularly wound therapy & eczema), hepatotoxicity, gastrointestinal disorders, cold and cough as well as Hypogalactia, the company has done the remarkable growth in the development of Nutritional Supplements from natural sources, they efficacy proved to have better then the synthetic products. Natural Vitamins and Amino Acids precursors are performing remarkable which could be placed after lot of studies in various farms and Institutes.

AMORVET is engaged its efforts in Research & Development activities and now the group is expertise in Medicinal Herbs - identifying, growing, formulating new herbs, new formulas, and new applications. We are already manufacturing and marketing more than 100 unique formulations. Continuous research has helped in developing many innovative products especially in those therapeutic segments where modern or English system of medicine does not provide satisfactory solutions and similarly not much has been offered, so far, by alternative systems of medicine. A dynamic and learned team of scientists includes Pharmacists, Chemists, Botanists, Microbiologists, Pharmacologists, Medical Scientists, Veterinarians and Clinicians etc., in different departments such as Pharmacology, Formulation, Phytochemistry, Microbiology, Quality Control, Literature Survey, Universities, Animal House and Experimental Farms conduct various research and developmental activities

Traditional Herbologists are the expertise of modern Herbal Medication and supplementation, the research & experience of several years, the knowledge of their forefathers, their time & devotion for the science of Ayurveda made us draw our attention to promote this science Worldwide, their knowledge helps us to research and develop the new formulations. The various combination of herbs and their quantity in each formulation are decided by them who make the right combinations as desired by the bodies. There are certain technical facts for making the formulations such as the combination quantity, form of herbs to be used, their processing, the dosage etc which are kept secrets and are only with these herbologists. Once the formulation is prepared they make their calculations to set the dosage etc and further send the formulation to other pharmacists to evaluate the various trials in the laboratory.

The pharmacists, technicians & Chemists thus conduct their tests for the product safety, Organoleptic Test for Taste and Odour, Physical &chemical Properties such as pH, Specific Gravity, Total Dissolved Solids, Presence of Heavy Metals like Lead, Chromium and Arsenic should not be more than Permissible level, Microbiological Analysis for Total Bacterial count, Pathogenic Microorganisms like E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Phytochemical Analysis for Total Bitters, Total Tannins, Total Flavonoids, Alkaloids, To maintain the Consistency TLC and HPLC Tests are done parallel to their parameter. Various toxicity tests are conducted to judge the safety by taking the trials on the rats and mice.

If the products stands up to the mark with its lab tests they are taken under the trials by Veterinarians and Animal nutritionists in the Agriculture & Veterinary Universities to study for the products with the various university technicians to give the report on the application, working on animals, their safety, results, performance of the products. Then we also conduct the farm trials to make our officials to study the products and to have the detailed information about the products: How they work and how they give the satisfactory results.

After the complete analysis and the detailed study by all the teams we have the team of all directors, marketing generals, production managers, Veterinarians and other technical staff to explain and discuss about the products and to adopt the strategy to market and produce the product keeping in mind the customer satisfaction.

Various trials are done on the products in different parts of the World, we been supported by reputed professors and scientists who helped us to make the studies on the products and gained us the confidence on the formulation developed by us. We did several trials in Asian, Indian, European and Latin Conditions. We are proud to have the super positive feedback on the results and this is what we call our Victory.

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