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Our Strength Best Pet Care Service

Amorvet has the strongest research and development team that does continious research for new products & formulations. Amorvet not only researches for itself, but it also develops and manufactures superior new Generation animal feed supplements with Guaranteed results for other Top Veterinary Companies. We have been happily given the chance to produce as our customers trust on us for the Quality we offer them.

Although Amorvet product around approx 100 different products with super quality and top class results. It’s always certain key products which make the strong position for any company. We proudly announce few of our star products as:- We produce the Best Oral Liquid Calcium of the World. Yes its true we are the leaders and clinically proved to be the No 1 Globally. We again keep our self at reputable position if we talk about Natural Products related to Liver, Immunity, and Growth including Natural Amino Acids & Biological Natural Choline.

We offer a wide array of Natural AMINO ACIDS, NATURAL VITAMINS, NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR GUT INTESTINE and RESPIRATORY ISSUES. Our Natural Methionine, Lysine and Choline are widely acclaimed in the market. Respiratory, Coccidiosis and Diarrhoea Products offered by us are a class apart. The specialty products we deal with like Natural Methionine, Lysine, Biological Choline and threonine under the category of amino acids, where as our company stands No.1 in terms of Milk Boosters for dairy animals. Our vast range of products cover Respiratory tonics, Liver Boosters, Immunity Enhancers, Energy Stimulants along with the products for animal gut & intestine health, wound's care, stress management, Uterine health, kidney conditioning, and much more helps us to be a World leader in the Veterinary industry.

We are actively engaged in the cultivation and collection of Raw Herbs and producing herbal Extracts too for more than two decade. We have our own farming staff who cultivates these herbs under our supervision and also we collect the herbs from different corners of the country which are cultivated under our protocols.

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