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Manufacturers of Natural Nutritional product, Herbals Feed Additives, Natural Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Hygeine care products for Poultry, Swine, Cattle, Aquaculture, Pets,Equine & Camels. We produce highly research based Herbaceuticals from the World of Phytochemistry.

The strong knowledge of Human health motivated key promoters to control the food chain through natural resources. Human diet is completely connected to the Animals, if Milk, Eggs and Meat are filled with chemical residues it straight effect the human health causing various risk such as oxidations, drug resistance etc. Its important to control the diet to ensure that body remains toxin free at least with what we eat. Farm to fork we devoted to keep this chain healthy for Animals and for the fellow human beings.

The affection & care for the Pets, charm of the Horses & Camels also encourage us to offer the best possible natural resources for them. After all it’s the part of Nature and they too have the right to take an advantage of natural substances.

India is full of natural resources; we successfully replace various therapeutic ingredients, along with the natural treasure which have the significant ailments and healing effects. Several of our products are far efficacious then any chemical and Synthetic products.

Further company extended its operations to study various nutritional ingredients, it was the great sincere efforts made to discover certain molecules and process which accelerates the efficacy of various ingredients. Those advanced form of ingredients were started using in the formulations which proved to give marvellous results in various products.

Our History

The company belongs to "Anuj Arora Group" of enterprises having multifarious activities incorporated in 1980s as Arosol Chemicals Pvt.Ltd. as the producer of industrial food grade chemicals. The start of Veterinary Business was in the year 1987 with the leading activity of manufacturing of animal nutritional supplements for Animals.

The Company is situated in the vicinity of Terai belt at the foot of Himalayas and that is a very plus factor in providing botanical herbs of excellent quality for the making of the end products. The Company is backed by professionals of very high caliber who make the studies and conclude the usage of those natural herbs in the right directions with fruitful results.

The leading activity however is the manufacture of herbal products for veterinary purposes, which comprise of Livestock, Poultry and Aqua & Pets. The herbal products are conjoined with a multiplicity of feed supplements comprising of Macro minerals, Trace mineral and Vitamins. The objective being to provide the veterinary animals a very healthful and vigorous life.

The production unit is located in the prime Industrial Area on Saharanpur - Delhi National Highway in Western Uttar Pradesh bordering Uttaranchal state called as land of natural herbs. The Company has been awarded with "ISO9001:2000, HACCP & GMP Certification" .

Company pitched in International Market in year 2003. With the excellent feedback and adaption by the market company did quite remarkable growth in a decade. During the last decade the Company has grown as one of the leading manufacturers of Ayurvedic Veterinary products and Animal Feed Supplements. The rise in a decade is phenomenal and colossal. The inplant laboratory keeps a constant vigil on the quality of products at various stages of processing.

The research & development wing is engaged intensively in the improvement of efficacy of the formulations and further development of new products. Thus keeping pace with the latest development in the art of natural veterinary therapies.

In year 2016 Company took over a new manufacturing location in Uttrakhand state with the name of Amorvet, in 2016 then after the entire operation were called as “AMORVET”. Now Amorvet is one of the largest producers of Animal health products in India.

Our sound infrastructure helps us to grab maximum customer satisfaction. Timely deliveries, well equipped labs and capacious warehouse facility are some of the key factors behind our success.

World Best Class Treatment & Award Wining Services


Although Amorvet product around approx 100 different products with super quality and top class results. It’s always certain key products which make the strong position for any company. We proudly announce few of our star products as:-

We produce the Best Oral Liquid Calcium of the World. Yes its true we are the leaders and clinically proved to be the No 1 Globally.

We again keep our self at reputable position if we talk about Natural Products related to Liver, Immunity, and Growth including Natural Amino Acids & Biological Natural Choline.

We offer a wide array of Natural AMINO ACIDS, NATURAL VITAMINS, NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR GUT INTESTINE and RESPIRATORY ISSUES. Our Natural Methionine, Lysine and Choline are widely acclaimed in the market. Respiratory, Coccidiosis and Diarrhoea Products offered by us are a class apart. The specialty products we deal with like Natural Methionine, Lysine, Biological Choline and threonine under the category of amino acids, where as our company stands No.1 in terms of Milk Boosters for dairy animals. Our vast range of products cover Respiratory tonics, Liver Boosters, Immunity Enhancers, Energy Stimulants along with the products for animal gut & intestine health, wound's care, stress management, Uterine health, kidney conditioning, and much more helps us to be a World leader in the Veterinary industry.

We are actively engaged in the cultivation and collection of Raw Herbs and producing herbal Extracts too for more than two decade. We have our own farming staff who cultivates these herbs under our supervision and also we collect the herbs from different corners of the country which are cultivated under our protocols.

Best Vet Care Services Since 1987


The quality of our Herbals has been applauded and accepted worldwide, because of their therapeutic significance. We have well- established QC labs where we test these herbs and Export them to various parts of the World. These herbs are used by us and many Natural products producers globally. Our extraction system is internationally standardized according to the guidelines of G.M.P and we control complete chain under the strict norms of European Union. Our associated firm has the contract from the government to collect the wild herbs which are grown naturally. We also cultivate the plants on contract through various farmers who does the yearly deal with us, for the supply and ensure that not harmful chemicals shall be used to prepare our raw materials.

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